Nerv News;
-Our new site is open.
-You can not look up the Nerv roster,  Information, Angels, Eva's & Nerv.
-Now you can Join Nerv, just to "Join the crew of nerv" & Follow the information if you need help feel free to E-mail me
-Members; On October-6-2001, the first meeting will be held, & all members are to attend, be on line between 8 & ??PM
-Members; the meeting for October 6th has been moved to October-13-2001@ 8 -???PM, Pacific time.  
-We need people to join. Please Join!
-Members; I hope we can get together some time this weekend, if we can I will try to be on line, @ about 9:00 am or so, I hope to see you all there.
-Members; we have a new member RPing as Rei, all her info is on the Nerv Crew page. And Next week I have off, so I hope we ALL can get on and rp.
-There will be an rp scheuled for the week after the Christmas, please check back for more info!
(This site is fully separated my Shinji's Neon Genesis Evangelion Site, "for all you Eva needs" go to Shinji's NGE Site)