Nerv Information
"God is in his Heaven all is right with the world"
    The capital city of Japan before Second Impact. It is the largest city of Japan. Annihilated by human's new invention, the N² Bomb, seven days after the Second Impact. The annihilation of Tokyo has occur the wars among all countries. The temporary Japanese Government give up the rebuilt Tokyo and decided to move the capital to Nagano in 2001.
    The new capital city of Japan after Second Impact. Built in the old Nagano prefecture to replace the old Tokyo. Construction started in 2001. After the second capital relocation plan was agreed in 2005, it was planned that the capital would be moved to Tokyo-3, still under construction then. By the way, old Tokyo was annihilated by the new bomb dropped one week after the Second Impact. Again, the construction of Tokyo-2 was decided by the Provisional Government of Japan.
    Tokyo-3 is a planned city under construction near Lake Ashino in Hakone Area. It has been made into a fortress city and used as a preparation for the coming of the Angels. Under the camouflage of skyscrapers known as Armament Buildings which contains with missiles, other heavy firearms and various types of weapons specifically in used by Evangelions. NERV's headquarters is in Geo Front, the huge underground complex beneath Tokyo-3.
The First Impact:
    According to the history that Shinji and his classmates study the First Impact was caused about 65 million years ago. This huge event was caused by an immense meteorite from outer space which impacted around the Caribbean Sea. From this a huge decline in the earths temperature basically created a nuclear winter that caused the dinosaurs and other species to go extinct. From a large scale destruction like this Earth took a very long time to recover.
The Second Impact:
    For most of the world at the time of Evangelion the Second Impact was no more that another Massive Meteorite that struck around Mark ham Mountain, in Antarctica melting the ice caps and killing most of the worlds population. , Antarctica. Actually, The Second Impact was caused by Ikari Gendo and Dr. Katsuragi who followed the prediction in Dead Sea Scrolls. By using his S² Theory, Dr. Katsuragi was able to wake Adam up. The scientists were afraid that the other Angels might also wake after Adam, so they begun to shrink Adam back into his embryo. This caused a massive explosion which is what the Second Impact really is.
The Third Impact:
     This is the only Impact that we as Evangelion viewers actually see drawn out. The Third Impact takes place during the Movie End of Evangelion. This impact is a drawn out sequence where human souls combine to form a single being. The Third Impact will also happen if an Angel touches Lilith, which is why during all the episodes all the Angel's target Central Dogma. The Third Impact eventually happened when Rei III joins with Lilith to start the Impact. Also note here that although Rei seemed to only care about Gendo during all the episodes she decides not to take Gendo with her. Gendo feels he needs to go with Rei to see his late wife Yui. After the entire process is over Shinji and Asuka are the only souls left on the planet
Geo Front:
     A large and complex underground city buried deep below Tokyo-3. This was built by using a preexisting 13.75km in diameter spherical cavity. 89% of space buried with soil, the left 6 km in diameter area is used for constructing NERV Headquarters. NERV Headquarters is located at the center of Geo Front, and is surrounded by artificial big forests, underground lakes, rivers and hills. After the Third Impact begin, this spherical cavity becomes the egg of Lilith called the Black Moon.
Central Dogma:
     Central Dogma can be divided into many layers, levels and sectors. Inside of Central Dogma got many laboratories and some unknown facilities like Meager Depth Facilities. The center of Central Dogma, which is 2008m under Geo Front, is the location of Dummy Plug System, the main factory that produces Rei's Dummies and Dummy Plugs. Inside this factory got one big test tube, a brain structure like machine and a special big tank made for Rei'ummies.
Terminal Dogma:
    Terminal Dogma is located below Central Dogma and it's look exactly like old Antarctica which is full of ice and covered with snow. Actually, Terminal Dogma is used to hide Lilith and stored L.C.L. That's why Terminal Dogma is also known as "L.C.L Plant". Normally, there is no guard in Terminal Dogma because NERV does not allow anyone to go there, even Ritsuko and Gendo seldom go there.  
Absolute-Terror Field:
     Energy shields created by Angels for self-defense, they're impervious to projectile shells, energy or particle beams. AT fields can be disrupted by continued physical pressure (like an Evangelion's claws trying to rip it open). Thus far, NERV has not been able to duplicate the effect of the AT Field.
Monoliths' Room:
    The most secret room of NERV headquarters which only Gendo and Fuyutsuki can enter. This room is reserved for Ikari Gendo to communicate with the 12 monoliths of SEELE and those monoliths never show their true face in this room. NERV's stuff are allowed to enter this room only when the 12 monoliths want to meet them. The rule of this room is lying ones will be punished to death.
Monoliths' Room:
    The most secret room of NERV headquarters which only Gendo and Fuyutsuki can enter. This room is reserved for Ikari Gendo to communicate with the 12 monoliths of SEELE and those monoliths never show their true face in this room. NERV's stuff are allowed to enter this room only when the 12 monoliths want to meet them. The rule of this room is lying ones will be punished to death.
Announcement Room:
The Announcement Room can be said as the main heart of NERV. The operations of Magi System and the controlling of all kinds of facilities and EVA have been done there. Announcement Room have many screens that can view any part of NERV, so all movements of NERV's stuff have been fully monitor. Normally, only Magi's operators, head of departments, pilots and commander are allowed to enter this room.
 Guf's Room:
The Guf's Room mentioned in The End of Evangelion is a door of the beginning and the ending of the world, the hall of souls. When this door opens, the surface of the Earth will turn into the Sea of L.C.L. and all life will give up their shapes and return to L.C.L state. The Guf's Room has been explained as the place where a new born child receives his soul from in Hebrew Bible. When Guf's Room has no more souls left, this means the end of the world.
Dead Sea Scrolls:
     The Dead Sea Scrolls are the most important archaeological find of the 20th century. These scrolls were founded by a young Bedouin shepherds while searching for a stray goat in a long untouched cave in the Judean Desert. Within a fairly short time after the discovery, the historical, the paleographic, linguistic evidence, and carbon-14 dating, established that these scrolls and the Qumran ruin were dated from the third century B.C.E. to 68 C.E. Coming from the late Second Temple Period, the time when Jesus of Nazareth lived, they were older than any other surviving biblical manuscripts b almost one thousand
Sea of Dirac:
    The 12th Angel is a sphere object. Below it is an extra big black shadow about 680 meters in diameter and about 3 nanometers in thickness. Inside the shadow is a super thin space sustained by an inverted A.T.Field and the interior of the A.T.Field is an imaginary space known as "The Sea of Dirac". Sphere object above the Sea of Dirac is only a shadow. This sphere object vanishes only when the imaginary circuit is closed. When the imaginary circuit is switched on again, the black shadow begins to suck everything. The Sea of Dirac may be connected to another space.
The Sea of L.C.L:
    The Sea of L.C.L mentioned by Rei-3 in The End of Evangelion is the place of origin of all life. It is a world with no A.T.Field and no existence of human shapes. There are no barriers inside the heart of human anymore, no fear anymore, no existence of others anymore and everything has become one. This world is being described by Rei-3 as the world that Shinji wants.
Entry Plug System:
    Entry Plug is a special made plug put into the back bone of EVA in order to connect with the Central Nerve System of EVA. The Entry Plug comes with a set of plug suit and a pair of hair clip. When pilot wears on those things and put into the Entry Plug filled with L.C.L, the pilot is able to synchronize with EVA. Plug suit can protect pilots and hair clips can increase the synchronization rate of pilots with EVA.
Dummy Plug System:
    Dummy Plug is developed for using EVA without pilot. The pilot of Dummy Plug is dummy and are the clone of Ayanami Rei and it is just a container of soul. NERV put a digitized personality into dummy when using Dummy Plug to control EVA. Those dummies' life are prolonged by the Dummy Plug System. Ayanami Rei's memories are copied into those dummies on a fixed time. The real soul of Rei will transfer into another dummy only when Rei dies.
S² Engine:
     The S² Engine presents in Test Type and Mass Production Model is the red core on Eva's body. It is the energy source of Eva's and it can 100% convert mass into energy. When S² Engine in those Eva's is awaken, Eva's can work immediately without any supply of electricity. In EVA series, only EVA Mass Production Model's S² Engine is fully developed and can be used in any time by simply assigning a target into Dummy Plug and EVA will follow the assigned mission.
Graveyard of Eva's:
    Graveyard of Eva's is located in the Central Dogma. It is used as the main experiment laboratory of Gehirn for developing Evangelion and Magi System long time ago. After Ikari Yui disappeared, this room has been disposed and used as the graveyard for failure Eva's. Inside this place got many dead bodies of failure prototype Eva's.
     S.C.Magi is the 5th generation and first artificial intelligence super computer that uses cloned human brains as CPU. Magi is combined by three computer called Melchior, Balthasar and Casper, which are also the name of the three kings who visited Lord Jesus. Magi is operated by tackling problems and forming solution. These computers also represent the three personalities of its creator Dr.Akagi Naoko which are the scientist in her, the mother in her and the woman in her.
Super Solenoid Theory:
    The Super Solenoid Theory (S² Theory) which is mentioned in EVANGELION:DEATH is developed by Dr.Katsuragi. With this theory, human can 100% convert mass to energy without any loss. This theory has once been used by the scientists of Katsuragi Expedition in order to wake Adam. But this has led humanity into a tragedy and humanity ne
The Purification Ceremony of Red Soil :
      The Purification Ceremony of Red Soil is a kind of ceremony planned by SEELE to unlock humanity from their present destiny. The Red Soil here means the source of creating Adam. After the ceremony, human will be reborn and escaped from death forever. As Keel Lorenz said : "Although this will lead human to death, but this is also a new beginning of humanity. God and Human use death to become one."
Human Instrumentality Program:
     Long time ago, human learned that they had reached the dead lock of evolution from Dead Sea Scrolls. In order to begin the next evolution into perfect single being, human must provoke the Third Impact by using either Lilith or EVA-01 with the Spear of Longinus. Human Instrumentality Program was actually under the direction of SEELE, and the secret agency NERV was the implementation organization. EVA was in fact not planned as a weapon to defeat Angels but to realize this program.
System Sephiroticum:
     The diagram, System Sephiroticum (The Sephirothic System) that appears in Eva's opening credits over Misato's right hand and on the ceiling of Gendo's office was drawn by a German priest, Athanasius Kircher, in 1653. Kircher's drawing was based on his study of the Kabbalah. The Kabbalah was originally based on what might be called a crypto logic premise, that Creation itself was a process involving the ten digits as divine numbers or sephiroth, and the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Together they constituted the 32 paths of sacred wisdom.
     An organization which is directly attached to the United Nations, the existence of which is not known to the general public. Possessing super advance science and technology, it has developed Evangelions, an Angels interceptor weapons. NERV is organized to push Human Instrumentality Program by moving the old Gehirn. All they want to do is to prevent The Third Impact occurred by Angels because NERV wants to use EVA series to occur the Third Impact which is under controlled by Human.
     SEELE is a secret organization that existed before the Second Impact. It hides the truth about the Second Impact and the existence of Angels and uses its power to abuse UN and other countries. After the Second Impact, SEELE uses UN as a cover, establishing the Committee of Human Instrumentality Program, NERV and develops EVA series. Same as NERV, they also have scientists, technicians and technologies to produce Eva's and Dummy Plug System.
Marduk Organization:
    Marduk is the main organization which is used for searching and selects the qualified pilot for Evangelion. The qualifications are rather stiff, apparently only 14 years old children without mothers can operate Evangelion. It seems that Marduk has grouped all qualified children in Class 2-A of the First Municipal Junior High School of Tokyo-3. Marduk has 108 agencies around the world and all of them are dummy companies. These dummy companies were all created by NERV.
Black Moon:
    The Black Moon which is mentioned by SEELE is actually the egg of Lilith, the source of life. When the Third Impact begins, the red soil around the black moon will be revealed. Black Moon will then float in the sky and then immediately becomes the median between Human and Lilith. All life will give up their shapes and their souls to gather around Black Moon and then enter into Lilith's body.
    The highest god of Babylon called "The Lord of Gods of Heaven and Earth". Marduk rose to power by conquering Tiamat, the monster of chaos. Some of Babylon's most elaborate temples were built to worship Marduk and as the conquering armies of the empire overran most of the Middle East, worship of Marduk spread to those lands.
The Ark:
  The Ark which is mentioned in EVANGELION:REBIRTH is a story from Old Testament of Bible. This story is about Noah who received a revelation from God to build a huge rectangular shaped boat and put all animals in pair onto it, thus saving all species from the big flood occurred by God to destroy the evil people in the world. In EVANGELION:REBIRTH, the meaning is same as the Old Testament of Bible, saving human from the flood of Third Impact by using EVA-01.
Akagi Naoko
    Akagi Naoko is the mother of Ritsuko and the mistress of Gendo. She was the developer of Super Computer Magi and Human Personality Transplant OS. When she started to work with SEELE, not known by most people, but it seemed that she was also the one who was in charged of E-Project. She committed suicide in front of her Magi System after she killed Rei-1.
Tree of Wisdom:
     In the Garden of Eden, there was a kind of fruit which grew on the Tree of Wisdom called 'The Fruit of Wisdom' was not allowed to eat by God. After Adam and Eve ate the fruits on the Tree of Wisdom, they had fallen from God's grace and were banished from the Garden of Eden. Actually, the Fruit of Wisdom is the power of science used by mankind to continue lives in this world. It provides us the ideas of living in bad environments.
Tree of Life:
     A Long time ago, there were two kinds of trees grown in the "Garden of Eden". One was the "Tree of Life" and another one was called the "Tree of Wisdom". Only God is allowed to eat the fruits on the Tree of Life. Actually, Angels were another form of human beings who obeyed God's words and ate the fruits on the Tree of Life. Those fruits provided Angels with eternal life and unlimited power. So the Angels' names originated from the Tree of Life.
Ikari Yui:
     Ikari Yui is the beloved wife of Gendo. It seemed that she belonged to SEELE at the very beginning. She was married to Gendo whom she knew in Kyoto University. After her marriage, she worked with her husband in Gehirn and spent a lot of effort in E-Project. During an activation experiment of EVA-01, Yui's synchronization rate had achieved over 400% and she disappeared in the entry plug of EVA-01. Nevertheless, her soul remains in EVA-01 and she has become the core of EVA-01.
Souryuu Kyoko Zeppelin:
     Souryuu Kyoko Zeppelin is the real mother of Souryuu Asuka Langley. Many people think that she was so attentive in her work that drove her into craziness. Actually, she fell into mental breakdown in an accident during an experiment. Later, she became a person who lived in her own world and ignored her own daughter. It was possible that Gehirn's scientists had dissolved Kyoko's soul into EVA-02 and used her as the core of EVA-02 after she hanged herself in the mental hospital because Asuka who is mentally and psychologically damage has felt her mother inside of EVA-02.
The True Identity of Ayanami Rei:  Ayanami Rei is the first children selected by Marduk Organization for EVA-00. She is a young girl who apparently lack of emotions. Actually, she is made from the body of Ikari Yui which was salvaged from EVA-01. Rei has multiple copy of body in Center Dogma and she has been artificially made in the beginning for Gendou's Human Instrumentality Program. Rei's soul is made by water and light, the rest of the bodies are processed into an 'artificial soul' and just a 'spare parts' of the dummy plugs and the real Rei. She is said to process some Angel like characteristics and it also seems that her soul is somehow derived from Lilith.
The Death of Nagisa Kaworu:
     Nagisa Kaworu is the fifth children sent directly to NERV by SEELE. However, his real identity is the 17th Angel. Perhaps he is an Angel which is captured by SEELE at his embryo stage. Different from other Angels, he has a mind quite close to human's mind. When Kaworu reaches the Terminal Dogma, he finds that the one on the cross is not Adam but Lilith. He understands what humans struggles about and he feels compassion which is something he has never felt before. He realizes that death and live are equal but only death can fully released him from his destiny of live forever. He knows that if he lives, everyone will die. He doesn't want everybody to die especially Shinji. So he requests Shinji to kill
The Secret of Eva-00 :
EVA-00 has berserk two times in the TV series. In the first berserk, EVA-00 wants to hit Ikari Gendo who is in 2nd Activation Experiment Laboratory. The Second berserk is also occurred in the same laboratory. But this time, the target is Ayanami Rei. The only person who hates Ayanami Rei and Ikari Gendo is Akagi Naoko because Ikari Gendo had lied to her and Rei-1 is the clone of Ikari Yui. So it seems that Akagi Naoko's soul might be absorbed into EVA-00 after she died and this is also the only way to explain why EVA-00 berserk.
The Secret of Eva-01:
EVA-01 is the first EVA to be thrown into real battle. It is the second EVA built by NERV. Although it contributes a lot in its participation of many battles against Angels, it also behaves unexpectedly in many occasions like going berserk, starting up without the presence of entry plug and staying active after its activity time limit. Inside of EVA-01 lives the soul of Ikari Yui. It seems that the physical body of EVA-01 is made from Lilith. This is why in the case when the Spear of Longinus is lost, EVA-01 becomes the only substitute of Lilith as the tool for Human Instrumentality Program.
The Secret of Eva-02 :
EVA-02 is the first EVA in the world to be built for real battles, design and manufacture of components were done by Japan. The final assemblage and activation experiment were done in Germany. It goes through a real battle when it battles with the 6th Angel which suddenly appears during its delivery to Japan. Afterwards, it joins in the defense of Tokyo-3 and assumes the responsibility of ambushing the Angels. Inside EVA-02 lives the soul of Souryuu Kyoko Zeppelin. That's why Asuka who is mentally and psychologically damage feels that her mother is around to protect her.
Ayanami Rei's Room:
Same as the Graveyard of Eva's, also locates in Central Dogma. This place has been used as Artificial Evolution Laboratory before and was dumped 10 years ago. Inside of this room got nothing but just a bed, a table and a few disposed boxes. Actually, this is the place where Rei was born and it seems that Rei has lived there for a long time.
Name Rumor?
Rmor has it that many of the last names of the Eva cast of characters are taken from World War II Imperial Japanese Navy battleships. To wit:

Katsuragi Misato:
Ayanami Rei:
Soryuu Asuka:
Akagi Ritsuko:
Fuyutsuki Kouzou:

Unryu Class Aircraft Carrier Katsuragi
Fubuki Class Destroyer Ayanami
Soryuu Class Aircraft Carrier Soryu
Akagi Class Aircraft Carrier Akagi
Akizuki Class Destroyer Fuyutsuki

The End of Evangelion:
     Actually, the Third Impact is a wish of Gendo to meet his beloved wife. After Rei-3 left Gendo and went to Lilith alone, she decided to make a new world which Shinji always dreams for, a world which has no existence of others. All souls in the world enter into Lilith body and become one being. Rei-3 realizes Shinji's dream and tells him that this is the world he has always dreamed for. Shinji knows that this world is different from his dream. Finally, Shinji chooses the world of reality to start his new life, no matter he will hurt by the others or not. EVA-01 follows Shinji's wish and leaves Lilith. The Third Impact fails, all souls have been released from the neck of Lilith and orbiting the Earth. Lilith's body and egg break into pieces, Replica of Spear of Longinus is destroyed, EVA Series become stones and drop back to Earth.
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